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Times they are a changing

I actually missed the moment Obama was sworn in all though I did get to here Aretha give it large which was very powerful indeed. As it turned out I didn’t miss it all, as he had to do it all over again the next day. The whole thing did get me thinking about how far have we really come? What got put in place in America to challenge discrimination and begin to get black people into positions of real power. I’m under no illusion that discrimination and racism hasn’t ended just because of Obama, but there is an energy of optimism for change. My gut reaction is to think that black people themselves have made the changes by believing, by working and by challenging for opportunity.

What’s it going to take for things to change for disabled people? Even in America there is still a lack of disabled people in positions of power, in the media, on the television, running companies.

On another note, snow angels? Yep it snowed and all of a sudden every ones creating snow angels, wheres that all come from?

I’m working with a group around inspiring people? I’m trying to move inspiration away from celebrity and away from success only being about how much money they make. I’ve always been a bit cautious about inspirational disabled people, because because of the links with being seen as brave heroes over-coming perceived adversity. So what’s your criteria for inspiration cause there are some inspiring people out there, Myles Horton, Paulo Freire, David Heavey & Pete Seegar for a start!

We’re almost into march! My life seems to get faster and faster, so what do i need to do to slow it down a bit…answers on a postcard, or of course you can just post a comment below.

Be Lucky,


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