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Its been eventful!

Ian Dury post gig

Our Tribe

The last month has been it’s usual eventful self with plenty going on. This blog entry only skims the surface.

One of the big highlights of my month….actually possibly highlight of my whole life, let alone this year or month; I’m lead vocalist in Reasons To Be Cheerful a musical with the songs of Ian Dury at its heart n soul. Enough to say my dream job. Well it got even better when I got to sing Spasticus with The Blockheads at the historic Ronnie Scotts. I can’t really express how it felt or what it meant, it was massive in every way and created a little speck of rock n roll history. We nailed it and it was everything and more than I could dream of.

Meanwhile Spasticus Autisticus as an anthem for ‘our tribe’  has never been needed as much as now. The Hardest Hit are being hit…hard…the campaign to save the ILF (independent Living Fund) is still growing but seems to be falling on an un-listening Minister (not for) Disabled People.

In the past month, I’ve had some interesting  journeys on (not so) Public Transport thanks to TfL, buses, trains and a very Health & Safety conscious bus inspectors who thought he knew me better than I did pointing out I was not sitting as per picture, which for me would guarantee me kissing the floor, after giving me this advice, he proceeded to jump off the bus mid traffic (tut tut)! Public transport does tend to  throw up some challenging barriers that endeavour to stop me getting to work but we keep battling through, won’t let ’em beat us.

There was an interesting report out on the negative media coverage of disability. No real change there only a bit more emphasis on derogatory name calling about being burdens, scroungers and cheats. Evidence would suggest different but hey-ho we shall carry on and continue to battle this kind of prejudice and Reasons should give ’em a bit of a kick up the stereotyping backside.

My local DPO (Disabled Peoples Organisation) continues to battle cuts and gear up for a great ‘celebration of our lives’ event coming up in March. I’m a trustee of this organisation and I’m also trustee of  a brilliant local inclusive youth group who I found out last night have found out by accident that the fate of their centre is being discussed on Tuesday. No courtesy letter or consultation just an accidental conversation. It was great to see the young people reacting and planning to take action to save their club. I’m very proud of them and they will be at Surrey County Councils meeting on Tuesday to remind councillors of the possible impact of their actions, which may lead to the selling off of a building that has such a critical importance to the local community.

My month continues to reflect the extremes of my life which I love, my vocal coaching continues to build my strength (in a way??)  for the biggest tour I’ve ever experienced which starts in the new year. The R2BC band got back to playing and we had a great sharing to the venues we will be touring.  They came and visited us at Graeae to get a taste of it, and we hopefully gave ’em the full three coarse meal, with cheeseboard, coffee and leaving mints in the shape of Reasons, Sweet Gene and of course Blockheads!! lovely.  I have also just hit the heights of being the ‘hold voice’ on Graeae’s telephone system.  So next time you ring, just ask to be put on hold…you’ll love it!

Every weekend since mid November I’ve been gigging in one form or another, highlights included Chichester, Kites Elvis Night, Mental Health Awareness week gig with Mr Tom Arnold, The Brennan Bash, AFC Wimbledon’s Junior Dons Party and of course my beloved Epsom Phab hooley and now I can’t wait to get home to Ireland to see mum and the folks, relax and get down to some serious practice for the tour.

Lots of exciting plans for 2012 which you will find out here, its such a good feeling as a freelancer to know your diary is full till April and ideas and opportunities are floating about till July and even next winter, bring it on……..ooh did I mention I flippin sang Spasticus with The Blockheads at Ronnie Scotts!!! ‘ave it!

Be lucky,

JK x
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  1. December 17, 2011 at 13:00

    Oooh its loud `n clear now! 🙂

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