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Oh Annie, I’m not your daddy!

Just a quick one to say, works wrapped up till 2012, except for a few bits here and there. You know, writing, creating, reflecting and of course evaluating!  I must mention how proud I am of our young people of Epsom Phab for doing us proud at the last Surrey County Council Cabinet meeting as our local youth centre is under threat.  Listen to our Zoe speaking to cabinet here.

So then off I go to Heathrow, bag packed with military accuracy to maximise every nook and granny. The point being one piece of hand luggage and my two chairs. The nerves as I handed over my chair was culpable.   The handler made a little funny joke saying”yeh it’ll be safe”, when I explained, he chuckled “Yeh, I’m paid to tell little white lies too”.  My chuckle was more nervous but I carried on.  When travelling alone every action has to be planned so, accessible inside pocket with bits lined up from front to back meant cuppa tea time!  The flight went as smooth as an eel, all help and support was great, it was how it should be. Landed and Mum, Jerry & my two chairs were fine.  The thought was “why couldn’t this have happened two years ago??  Funniest facebook comment goes to Sami “so there won’t be – all over the place, the sequel”.

So, I’m home in Ireland the place I love to be.  The house and feel is the same and I’ve started to knuckle down straight away into my  little reasons2BCheerful prep routine today. 2 hours done & dirtied! 

See my facebook status to get this title, suffice to say it involves me beloved cows!

Be Lucky,



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