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Reasons To Be Cheerful UK Tour (R2BC) day one

So after some considerable build up, a year of hanging on just hoping it might happen, the day comes, we are back! It felt oh so strange to be b back and slightly dreamlike. A feeling that stayed with me for most of the day.

With a few new faces to freshen fings up we had a very physical warm up which nearly killed me. Then a run through, surprised how much came back but it was rough n ready enough to know we’ve got some work to do to make it the corker that it will be.

Then back to me swanky in Shoreditch where anything that could be moved, was moved in order to make this home from home for the next few weeks, all visitors welcome.

Popped out for a quick chin wag wiv j9 n ju to chat about some summer ideas, a few pints n a walk back down a chilly hackney road where Basher pointed out the many strip bars we could visit, should we want to, suffice to say I got a speed up and got back to room 003 sharpish, for a banana n a quick blog!

Night all you blockheads!

  1. January 24, 2012 at 19:18

    hi Rockinpaddy

    seems you are going to get some reviewers coming from New Voices on the Disability Arts Online blogs. Charlie Swinbourne is talking about doing a preview, Deborah Sowerby is talking about doing a review. Be kind to them and say hello to my peers from me

    • January 24, 2012 at 21:49

      Mighty stuff! hope the new voices fing is going well, I would have tried to get on it myself if I hadn’t been doing this. Make sure they shout me to say when they are comin! Thanks.

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