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R2BC day 5 (6 & 7 too Shh)

Final day of our first week in rehearsals and its been great. The more observant will see this was actually posted on day 6 and that’s because day 5 was full on mega rock n roll ian durytastic. Hard work but no moans here. Its the job you can’t call a job cause its living the dream.

Went with Basher, uncle harry n Paula for proper sawdust floor pie n mash for lunch n it was lully. The shops old stylie, white tiles, benches and Vinnies vinegar, which goes down very well wiv the gang. Oh yeh, forgot to mention I had a sandwich this morning down The workers of half black pudding and half sausage, extravagant and again lully.

Now you might think, hold on….tell us more about the rehearsal shenanigans and less about the food, but foods very important on me tour. I’ve set two goals; one to ave a bita fruit every day and to have at least one hot meal in a the day, which is a challenge if ya wanna eat all proper and don’t ave. a cooker in yer room! In fact nearly failed on the hot meal goal if it wasn’t for the pot noodle which was complimented by a scotch egg n banana!

So as well as remembering me lemons (curds….words), tour logistics, where things are in me new bag, the norfolks (broads….chords) straws & when and where I’m meant to be next, food is well and truly in my mind!!

The pace is well and truly frantic, I try and savor each day and hold the memories in, but the second hand catches the minute hand which in turn chases the hours and before I know it there’s only a week till we kick off proper in Ipswich….bring it on.

I hope its ok with you to cover days 6 & 7 in this blog by saying I’ll be in hibernation with the Lemons of Ian spinning in me ‘ead.

Just for your info: We are touring in Ipswich, Truro, Hull, Watford, Dundee, London and finally Nottingham (in that order……1633 miles in that order!).

For venues, dates and tickets go to http://www.reasonstobecheerfulthemusical.co.uk

See ya there, or there, or there!!!


  1. January 29, 2012 at 08:23

    do leave thepoor people of ipswich something to eat

  2. January 29, 2012 at 11:23

    I agree with Rich. My mum always told me you have to share and share alike!

  3. January 30, 2012 at 22:23

    You know me, my sausages are your sausages. Sausage for all is what I say….and a banana!

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