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R2BC: Day 9 – E’s only got one line

It’s all in the timing you know! One line here n there, that’s all I ave to do….. and can I?? Leave me to the singing n I can knock em out fairly ok, but acting….hhm. That’s why every day I’m in awe of the gang I am with who deliver those lines on cue, and with a conviction that takes you to a place where you have to pinch yourself to get back to reality. They are just amazing and I love working alongside them even when they give me a bita stick for non-delivery of said lines. I ave to keep an eye on that Pickles access fella though wiv his helpful planks of wood…I’ll give him pay phone!

We did a run through this afternoon and I’m feeling it tonight. Me throat is actually still good, not croaky and feeling pretty strong, probably because of the hard work my vocal coach Chris has put in to supporting me. But my neck and arm muscles ave really tightened up tonight, so I had an extra Guinness at Bacchus’ in the hope lubrication would do the trick. We will see at band call at 11 in the morrow

Nite sausages x

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