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11 Things I’ve learnt from living in a hotel room

1. You need to move beds and furniture to make your room truly accessible;

2. my fridge is in the wardrobe!;

3. 1 degree change on the thermostat is the difference between Barbados or Siberia;

4. Hotels have a lot of towels;

5. Will I ever get out of the habit of pressing 9 to get an outside line ever again?;

6. I got a weeks worth of breakfasts across the road for the price of one in the hotel (which I didn’t have on principle);

7. Would it be appropriate for me to chill out in the lobby in me pants, as technically for the last two weeks that’s my lounge;

8. The kettle only holds enough water for one and a half  ‘mugs’ of tea;

9. You can put up a bigger curtain to hide the wall you don’t want guests to see??;

10. This hotel does Hoover under the beds (Ibis take note);

11. I feel a bit like the living, breathing Alan Partridge, I even know the receptionist as Julie

12. My fridge is in the wardrobe (I know I’ve already said this, but………)

Be Lucky sausages xx

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