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R2BC: Day 20 (on day 21, blog inclusive of day 21) wahoooo!

Paul's Lego Model of Reasons Set

Last night (Saturday) was our third preview night and we only went and had  3 encores! It was just brilliant.

In the R2BC gang often refer to ourselves as a family (a mish mash of misfits, rockers and beauties).  But  that family is many more  than the cast, band and stage crew. The people who come to see the show, or join in with the facebook chat or the facebook fan/supporters group or tweets or even put stuff on the Reasons Random Generator are all part of the family, show & gig too.

How the audience respond, join in, laugh or even pause for thought, all set the pace and tone of how it all happens.  Reasons is set in a pub and so it’s totally part of our job that the audience feel, as much as they can, that they really can join in the chaos of it all and of course join in the singing.  In the last three nights, they have done just that and it’s been brilliant  They make our Reasons family even bigger.

As this is our second tour, another lovely feeling is that we get to know better some of that Reasons family, who come to 2, 3 and even more nights. The last three nights have been freezing but people have put their thermals on and come out and made our night just as much as we have tried to make theirs.

Those of you who know Reasons, will know our R2BC Blockhead #1 Paul. Last night he brought in the most amazingly detailed Lego model (see above) including Andrex box and our Blondie Paula of our show, how lovely is that! Then our other Blockhead #1 (this is my blog so I can have as many R2BC #1 Blockheads as I like) presented me with a lovely gift of HP Guinness Brown Sauce, how lucky am I? Sucking it up me straw has been a challenge but, it’s going down well.

Another little twist comes from me other #1 Reasons Blockhead, Jackie.  She got her England flag out during England’s Glory, how greats that? The audience, our family is getting more and more involved, very Rocky Horroresque but now I’ve had the ‘knickers chuck experience’ where is it going to end……..toilet roll waving during Clever Trevor, a flag flying for England’s Glory, a hanky on yer head for the love of Uncle Harry? Who knows?

All I do know is that I’m lucky and humbled to be in this gorgeous Reasons family, and it is bigger than you’d imagine. I hope it continues to grow and evolve, cause its just lully to be a part of (I’m not suggesting that we all get it on Rhythm Stick stylie, but you get my meaning about the family getting bigger as we tour to new audiences…..in a way).

We’ve been giving it large for three weeks now, long hours but loved every minute.  So today and tomorrow I’m back in hibernation, if I don’t wake up tomorrow, I’ll see you on day 23!

Be lovely, sausages.


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