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RSBC: Day 24 – Again n then again!

Two shows today and I started by thinking “Hhmmm, I wonder how Plaistow’s gonna go down after lunch”? I couldn’t believe the energy of the crowd for a Wednesday afternoon, just amazing.

The theatre was packed and as soon as we started we could tell they were up for it. Who says Wednesday afternoons have to be mid-week blues, this is how every Wednesday should be and if I ever become Prime Minister, Reasons To Be Cheerful Wednesday Matinee will be law!

Met a lovely group of students after show, including the real John Kelly, which was nice.

Then no sooner had I loosened my DM’s then it was time to do it all again. Forgot to mention I squeezed in a panini and salad for dinner (just to keep my blog followers who are picking up the food theme on me blogs happy). During the second show of the day I found time to get into that groove in the show where I can follow different realisations within the many layers in this show. Tonight, it was Uncle Harry’s journey, from Uncle to naughty seaside picture postcard character with trousers rolled up to boot. Back in the dressing room after show the traditional whiskey tasting committee met up for a few Dun Laoghaire‘s, very nice too, before hitting a bar or two!

Alcklyhol followed, including a ginger beer (No Guinness!) but no Malibu and Cream Soda yet, saving that for Dundee.

Night sausages x

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