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R2BC: Day 37- It takes a lot longer to get up Norff…….

As the word tour suggests, there is a lot of travelling around, and as access means different things to everyone else we started the day doing a little mechanics.  We took my driving bar off my chair so I could get into the more likely available twin ramped cabs, mainly cause with the frame, i ground on the ramps.  Now they would be easy peazy.

Headed off to Kings Cross where Tim (bubbles) & I met with Pickles & four cans of Guinness. Bumped into Adam and his lully lady then we headed up Norff to the lovely Hull. This was all after being called Miss Dunstan a number of times whilst confirming my assistance arrangements, “This is Miss Dunstan for the 13.50”. I wouldn’t mind but I hadn’t shaved and I put on my deepest voice & the real Miss Dunstan is lully n that.

Got to Hull easy and was all excited to try my new easy access wheels into a cab when I was reminded that even though access can be varied certain drivers hold the same “can’t be arsed attitudes” to getting the ramps out,so the first cab driver said I wouldn’t get on his ramps…the other drivers had a go at him which was a bit of a laff, then I got in the next cab (same ramps) no problems.

Got to the hotel and me room is lully, I’ve even got a balcony over-looking the Marina which is nice.  We had a little adventure into town, a nibble at the theatre n a few beers ready for the next days adventures.  Had a bubble party too.

Eeee sausages.

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