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R2BC: Day 55 & 56, I know I said this yesterday….but

I’m writing yesterdays reflections in me first class train on me way to Dundee wiv Basher n Pickles, the adventure moves on.

Yesterday we had two shows at the Palace and although we were a little delicate in the warm up there were plenty of Blockheads in the crowd to knock us back into shape n we ad it.  As it was St Patrick’s day for real today (we had an UN-official St Pats day party yesterday as tonite was get out, so we wouldn’t all be together) there was a good hint of green white and gold around backstage. Bless ’em both, Adam & Ben sorted out the rugby onto our stage screen with sound. Sad the result wasn’t the one we wanted sure we had the craic anyway.

Our last show was just a brilliant party. The crowd were up for it and on their feet and we said goodbye to Watford big style. The staff at the Palace have been brilliant.  They really got into it, running a punk outfit competition for their team and it totally added to the  atmosphere.

So we’ve loved Watford (perhaps not the travel lodge breakfasts and weekend punters to the travel lodge 24hr bar as much, but their staff were good enough to us).

So now we are well on our way to Dundee,………In some bizarre time travel way, I can actually say we arrived (as technically I am including day 56 on this blog). The journey was a 9hr trip with 3 changes and Pickles sighing his way from Watford to Dundee.  We panicked the staff at Watford Junction informing them that there were 40 wheelchair users coming later.  All my transfers went as smooth as an eel & we travelled first class for the long stretch between Birmingham & Edinburgh which was nice a) because it was nice and b) because I had a complimentary plug socket so could keep me gadgets charged, which was nice!


We got to the Travel Lodge and it was……………………….a travel lodge. Smiling staff, basic, but cleaner than Watford but food the same microwave stylie so we made a bad mistake there on the taste front, but we were tired n hungry and………………………..we survived.

Found a lovely little pub called Frews just down from the hotel so we caned a few pints n of course a few double (local) whiskeys before bed

Flower of Scotland sausages n Appy Mums day to me lully mum n mums all over the place xx !

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