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R2BC: Day 58, Rep wrap n get in

Dundee is a nice town, bit trickier to get around on the wheels but alls cool here on the furthest leg of our trip from home. The theatre is big and modern so more space for shenanigans.  I can go join the audience in order to heckle my colleagues, which is always fun! I’ve got a lully dressing room with the oddest of light switch positioning I’ve ever seen.  Backstage is a maze of doors and corridors and on average I’m getting lost once every three exits. It takes about half an hour to get from my dressing room to the stage so it could be a long show, luckily we stay on stage for the whole show!

Went to beeb Scotland for a live interview earlier on, even had the painted backdrop of Dundee, like you see on the news except you couldn’t see it cause it was radio, so close yer eyes and imagine.  Weirdest question was did I get hacked off being referred to as a wheelchair user and actor…………..I only thought of the reply later (bit like Janine!)………I’m not an actor, I’m a rock n roller avin a laff, living the dream! Any how I answered proper like, I’m proud of who/what I am, don’t wish ti hide or deny, those days are gone…aren’t they?

Any how, first show rocked.  We didn’t get bottled off to Englands Glory, in fact they loved it. We boogied, they boogied, even Melvin Boogied. Ended up avin it in the Phoenix, nice!
Boogie Sausages x

There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are. W. Somerset Maugham

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