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R2BC: Day 60, everyones a winner!

Two shows today and all is well. Slowly worked out my root backstage now to my lovely little dressing room, my second home in Dundee. Some nice homely touches including a toy horse, ornament shoe and a red bus & big ben snowstorm memento from london.

The matinee show was the smallest audience we,ve played to (just under 50) but still the show went down fine. The evening. Crowd were well up for. It n so were we so normal raucous behavior returned encores n all.

Interesting how many accessible taxis in Dundee had broken ramps/or stuff in the back or thought I couldn’t fit even though I’d come in on the exact same model (I do travel a bit and reckon I’ve been in most models) so couldn’t take me home. Still if they want to sit on the rank not earning, there’s always one good egg in the bunch.

I know what yer saying…..complain, I could spend my whole life doing just that, but I’ve got stuff to do so if they can’t be bothered their loss, I found a nice taxi, rewarded him duely and carried on living the dream!

Any ramp repairers out there sausages, you’ll be busy in Dundee! Xx

NB: forgot to say, the whole point of the title of this blog was because we met the lovely winners of our R2BC ticket comp. Well done Becky n friend Morag, both massive Blockheads n comin again tonight, Hooray!

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