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R6BC: Day 61, 62 n comin ome on 63

I’ve got blog guilt. Sorry folks.

Its not that nothings going on. Its the opposite, its all a bit manic in a great way. The shows really taken off here in Dundee. The crowd on Friday night were wild for it and so were we. Frews our bar of choice organised a bit of a lock in for us and the after show drinkeys were hilarious. Unfortunately what happens on tour stays on tour. Oh yes, I don’t blog everything.

On Saturday I met an old mate who was one of me youuff back in the day. I met desperate dan n bought a kilt. Bumped into Rob who had been hunting rare whiskeys and I didn’t go with the lads to football (Dundee v Raith Rovers). I spent my time in Grouchos record shop where I bought a rare orange vynal of sex n drugs which I later gave to Pickles as I know he really was eyeing it up so felt it was his.

Our final show was warm and lovely which as usual turned wild, down n dirty in Dundee indeed. Yep, I got clearance and proudly wore my kilt for the second half. The kelly tartan is a beautiful blue and green but starting at £300 a roll I kept to a stewart classic. As I came on the crowd gave a lovely warm round of applause, it felt lovely and we partyed for the rest of the night.

We ended up back in Frews where they brought out hot food for us and we had a sing song jus like at home in Abbeyfeale. I sang a few including red is the Rose, a song I hadn’t sang since My lovely Auntie Mary passed away. Twas a lovely special end to a great run in Dundee.

Ome to London Sausages, let’s ave it in Ackney xx

  1. Robin
    March 26, 2012 at 11:06

    Dear John,
    There’s no fog on the Tyne because I’ve got it at home here in Norfolk! It’s all mine, I tell you, all mine!

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