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R2BC: Day 65, Cheers to you Ian Dury

Today is the anniversary of the passing of Ian Dury.

He waz a raspberry, Spasticus Autisticus, Mr Love Pants, a right clever bastard, though I’d never use that language to describe this lovely man. In some interviews he said he didn’t really see himself as disabled, back in the day he saw what he reckoned was worse than him, he as we now don’t see our bodies as the problem really. I now hope/wish & wonder that as we have moved on in our story, would he now be proud of it?

Thank flippin Ada I realised he had that wonky arm and leg and he didn’t hide it, it was part of him. Not all of him but part and now things have moved on me and loads like me can proudly say “I am a disabled person” and I’m flippin proud of it too. Ian played a massive part in a place where there weren’t many of us seen or accepted.

A little secret for ya, I dreamed of being on top of the Pops or playing in front of a bunch of mad screaming people listening to me sing and there he was, not perfect or the model pop star but yet there he was, perfect and indeed the model pop star that many in fact would learn and copied from, meself included.

I never knew him like I now dream that I had. I got close to him once and how I wish I realised then how much he’d mean to me now, I don’t think I’d have ever let him go.

I would never of imagined then that I’d be closer in my life to his work now than ever before and it really means the world.

These are my inadequate words fumbling around trying to say thank you Ian, you’ll never be forgotten, your music, love and spirit won’t allow us to do that. Hopefully Reasons keeps yer flame a little stronger as do those who love and celebrate you every day.

You see I’m happily in the tribe, maybe you are too? You can join, we ain’t exclusive, you can be an allie, a mate, a friend on this journey which we shouldn’t take too seriously. We can shape it, make it be real & honest and then before we get too serious, ave a laff at it. That’s what I guess I am learning from Ian now, today.

Hallo to you out there in Normal land. Cheerz to you Ian you lovely man.

Sausages, I’m sick of this sentimental bollox………let’s do Blockheads.

  1. March 27, 2012 at 08:57

    I feel the need to laminate this / U & take it in to the workshops! 😉 Wish u’d been with us in Wexham… Actually, a little photy of Ian would be nice too :-D.

  2. Sarah P
    March 27, 2012 at 09:41

    Beautiful words John, not “adequate” as you say! x

  3. Robin
    March 27, 2012 at 09:43

    Dear John,
    Brilliant, just brilliant! You are all carrying a flame on a circuit of England and Scotland (next year Wales and Ireland??!!!!)
    It is a torch just as bright and important (if not quite so well resourced!) as the other one in the news this year!
    Shine on Ian, Shine on John, Shine on Reasons to be Cheerful!
    See you on Wednesday evening!
    Very best wishes, Robin XXXX

  1. May 12, 2012 at 12:03

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