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R7BC: Day 66 & 67….home is where the heart is

I know that I’m not going to give these last two days justice, because they have been massive and my mind hasn’t really the time to unpack the lovely time we’ve had.

Day 66 was always gonna be another big night (actually no nites been small tbh), but just put the word gala onto it and off we go. You really do feel something playing at Hackney Empire, it’s an amazing place and with a packed house of blockheads (oh yes they are),  train-spotters (Danny Boyle was in) n Graeae Rockers (who know how to party) plus everyone else who could get in, it was easy to sense we were about to party the Empire, big style…………and by the feeling of my head the next morning….we ‘ad it.

It means the world to me to have The Blockheads & The Dury Family come and see, support and give us so many beautiful moments that I will treasure in my heart always.

Who ever said that’s gonna be a hard act to follow was wrong because day 67 show equally rocked big style, po-going n all! We even got a mention in The Evening Standard with a picture of Baxter & Sadie Frost at the show.

Shenanigans-wise, we’ve moved into the Dolphin (la lala la), got Dury on the Duke box….my song of choice at the moment is Dance Little Rude Boy….look it up n dance people, it’ll get yer motor running.

Sleep is now a morning activity, except on matinée days.  This is partly due to our environmental work saving the dolphin; partly due to that weird wind down thing you need to do after doing the wildest show in London (official) and partly due to that giant curtain in my otel room which I mentioned in an earlier blog, that covers the smallest & only window in my room blocking any daylight which gives me a clue that its daytime and therefore time to start.

Over-whelmed by the amount of mates & friends coming every night to Hackney, a mission, no doubt, so thank you so much.

Gotta warm up Sausages, we got 2 to do on day 68!


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