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R2BC: Day 70 & 71, outside in New Orleans

The title of this blog refers to Elvis Costello and his song America without Tears, which has one of me favourite Lemons about the Sheriff of Nottingham and Little John.

Day 70 was a travel day, so taxi’s, trains, taxi’s……you get the idea.  Apparently Miss Dunstan was a popular bloke at St Pancras travelling with assistance a number of times today. It floored the train staff “how can she be getting back and forth….time travel? And she’s been a man twice today too??

Anyway got into the Travel Dodge, alls cool….basic, one out of two lifts work.  Found an ace ole bar, which obviously we had to test out………..Guinness & food were lully.  Chatted to a bunch of Bikers from Chesterfield, who left the pub singing Hit Me, which was nice of them.  A hot little jazz band kicked up and the rest of the evening carried on as per agenda. I’ve also fallen in love wiv the regional news reader, Heidi Panthilope….just on her name alone! Apparently Nottingham’s the best place to win the lottery, 3 different sets of winners. I ain’t in it,so I ain’t gonna win it!

Day 71 was get in time. A lully, big theatre with plenty of space…..luckily cause we are sharing it wiv The Chuckle Brothers…..oh yes we are….oh yes we are!

Get in day is hard work for the crew, band, actors as it ends with opening night, which has to be pucker, cause it has a roll on effect to people coming again, telling others.  So there’s a tricky balance between being jiggered & giving it too much marge. You have to get over it n belt it, and we did…the bar n people of Nottingham looked after us with free drinks and much love with the show.  They got up, danced, then we all went on it!

Back to the Dodge and The Bruvvers arrived. Our tour started in Snow….looks like we could be ending in it too?

Sausages…..oh yes they are…..oh yes we are!

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  1. detrich
    April 4, 2012 at 17:14

    what about a slang glossary for those of us who ain’t got a clue what you’re going on about

    • April 4, 2012 at 18:32

      I’ve ardly time to write me blog, let alone a glossary lol. Will sort when home. Lemons = LEMON CURDS words, MARGE= large

  2. detrich
    April 4, 2012 at 17:15

    what about a glossary of slang for those poor unfortunates like me who ain’t got a clue wot you’re referring too.

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