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R2meBC: day 72 – did I tell you I’ve got tickets?

Oh yes I have, oh yes I have, Chuckle Brothers, row M, not quite gobbing distance, but near enough to be got by their water pistols.

We have hit the top of the shop to be sharing the same hotel as the Chuckles and in all fairness they were lovely…I apologise that myself and members of the Reasons Family were more excited to see the Chuckles than the kids………but we are living the dream, which has taken a little twist.

Turns out that the lully little boy I sat next too (appy birfday for next Wednesday Owen!) was a massive ChuckleHead but his mum was a massive Blockhead and recognised me sideboards from the show and asked me to sign their Chuckle Brother programme. Surreal and possibly the only time in my life that will ever happen. We ad a right laff at the show.

A massive acknowledgement to our crew though, who worked their socks off, de-rigging and re-rigging our set so we could still be on for 8 o clock kick off. I must thank ’em too for me little lit up runway back stage, I am a lucky boy xx

Got a bit of a head cold cause the weathers turned Arctic since we all unpacked our jumpers last time we popped home…….we won’t need them now??

The show rocked and for a small to middle crowd (bout 100+) they made a lot of good noises and got a few returns as a result….lully.

To you Sausages xx

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