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R2BC: Day 75, End of the road.

So, 1633 miles done (probably a few more done if you add the odd wrong turn into car parks n dead end roads here n there), 40 +gigs rocked, 7 venues ‘ad it, many straws used (more than expected, if honest) & many lovely warm and on it audiences join the family. The family on stage, backstage, my PA’s and of course back at Graeae who have been lovely and amazingly supportive to have shared the journey with. Thank you all sincerely, you know who you are.

There are so many behind the scenes (some who’ve gone beyond the call of duty) that people don’t see who without em, I’d ave been well up the swanny! We’ve had our challenges etc but essentially we’ve ‘ad it big style. Thank you.

Two show days are hard work, no doubt, but the day flew buy.  Couldn’t slow the clock down.  Had a lovely warm matinee.  I tried to watch n savour every bit of it, and as many of the audience say, there’s so much to watch! The sound check was a right laff as the crew joined me wiv there inflatables for a bash of Sweet Gene which we rocked up a bit more for sound check, which was good fun & set us up nicely for a lovely last show.

Why four or five weeks ago I didn’t think to scream jump ya ******* during blockheads, cause I did tonite…and they did big style pogoin goin on, It was lovely.  Yep, many of us blubbed a bit tonight at different times during the show, why wouldn’t we, we’ve loved every minute of this and it was coming to an end, but we’ve given it marge from day one n tonight was no different.

With the show done, Jen came in as planned to take over from my PA with the shaving duties. The sideboards had to come off as there job was done.  Grand job she did, not surprising as whatever Jen puts her hands to turns into something magic. What a dream it has been for me to work under her artistic direction, just top banana.

Then it all turned a bit messy as it does wiv the last night party, lets just say I had a cuppa tea at 6.15 that morning……….

what happens on tour, stays on tour sausages, honest. Goodnight n fanks xx

  1. Robin
    April 10, 2012 at 09:22

    Dear John,
    What a great privilege to have been able to share your journey, with all its ups and ups (and jackets, shenanigans, shots and sausages). The end of this road, perhaps, but I doubt it is the end of THE road for Reasons to be Cheerful!! Congratulations to all.
    Fantastic symbolism (I think thats what they call it!) in Jenny shaving off your sideburns at the finish. It may seem to mark the end of the dream for now, but……..Gillingham awaits!!!!
    Love Robin XX

  2. matt
    April 13, 2012 at 00:35

    Saw Friday night show and loved it. Fantastic. Spinetingling stuff.

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