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Its all kicked off post R2BC

So my first blog post tour and actually there’s loads goin on. After the last tour in 2010 it took a while to get back into the swing of things. I’ve had lots of lovely messages from friends and followers asking if I’ve got the post tour blues and of course I miss the buzz. I do miss my Reasons family and the show routine, even pickles rubbish buckeroo gag and poor access support!.

I will write a bit of a reflective specifically on the tour but not yet, I’m still unpacking it. But just for now I want to thank the gang at graeae for all they’ve done, totally all heroes to me. Thanks too to the theatres and lovely audiences and my A team of PAs. Everyone mentioned here above mean loads to me and I couldn’t have got through such an epic without them. So reflective will come soon. Suffice to say I’m very lucky and grateful to have had such an opportunity and the experience has given me back far much more in return.

I’ve definitely felt the love since getting back. Friends n family checking in on me (yes I’m eating and the sleep thing will come….I hope…and yes I’ve cut back on drinking down the Dolphin). I’ve also had lovely messages from people who came to the show so thank you all for that its definitely kept me away from the blues. Enough of the sentimentals…….Thanks for being around, you know who you are so xx

I’ve kind of thrown myself into business (music and other)after a few days rest of course spent with a few visiting friends and a pint or two down the local. Nothing can really replace the very special buzz of Reasons but if I’m honest, I’ve better dealt with getting back to it than last time, things are pretty good, perhaps apart from the erratic sleep patterns.

So I’ve just finished my first solo gig this weekend and I really enjoyed it. Not just the gig but the whole rehearsing of a new set, chucking in a good 60% or so of new stuff that I haven’t played live or looked at in a few years. I think this new set will stay for a while too. Faves of them all, Shame about Ray and Lullaby of Francis. Doing a solo gig after playing in a 6 piece was a bit of a shock/nerve wracking to the system.

With a crew looking after your stage, sound and light that’s a real luxury. I’ve got a great little team that help me when I gig and there is something very satisfying about being back hands on to the nitty gritty dealing with the multitude of challenges that a gig can throw at you and where I guess I constantly learn my trade. The gig went better than well and I ended up playing an extra little set which was nice. More to come so let’s ‘ave it. Started writing a couple of new songs too so we’ll see if any of them make it through.

The life of a freelancer means variety so I’ve also got in the pipeline two new pieces of work. The first is as part of a team running creative workshops in a number of london schools culminating in an event in early July. The second project is essentially back to my youth work roots and I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into that. Still got catching up with other projects where I’m involved and there’s lots going on with each and then there’s a few other bits coming along in the next few weeks. So yep, I’ve thrown myself back in, gently of course.

A date for yer biking diary: 4.30 on 16th June we will be doing a bit of a Reasons Gang Gig at “Burning at Both Ends” EANA MCC bash in Essenden. More to come on that later.

So rock n roll, youth work and equality work join forces once again. To be honest there’s gonna be a bit more rock n roll over the next month or so, so be ready for further stories of getting on it and of course ‘avin it………..large!

We’re back in the swing sausages x

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  1. April 25, 2012 at 22:39

    Just for the record, John Kelly saved the day (well, the evening), in the Pembroke Suite [Oh, yes!] at the King Charles Hotel, Gillingham, on Saturday 21st April. Catch his 15 seconds of international fame (out of view, but stealing the show!) at

    Thanks again John, Chrissy and Robin XXXX
    PS:No we don’t know why they only recorded 15 seconds either, perhaps the battery ran out!

  2. September 1, 2012 at 23:31

    Dear John, I’m really sorry about the video above. The link to the one that I was supposed to embed (never trust me with such things) is:

    The one above is on the page of the person who put it on you tube, but nothing to do with us!! Very best wishes, Robin and Chrissy XXXX

  3. September 1, 2012 at 23:33

    Oh, I give up! Robin XXXX

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