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You Remember Dreaming About Doin It On Top of the Pops

There I was on Saturday night on the side of the stage in Harpenden thinking “I’m ere watching the band I dreamed about being with and watched on Top of the Pops wishing”.

This blog is just to mark me singing on Saturday night with the Blockheads. So when they lock me away in some care home cause they’ve closed the ILF and taken away Direct Payments and any hope of living an independent life (which is well on track you tory boys n girls), I can say read my blog from 2012, its there, I did do it…… when I was free.

So lucky and honoured that I am, It wasn’t my first time singing with the Blockheads (third for those counting) but I really enjoyed this one (obviously I’ve enjoyed them all but I didn’t need the lav for an hour beforehand this time or feel sick with nerves), it was fun and felt very…. well lovely and so brilliant to do.

I mean like I wasn’t so nervous that I could actually concentrate on trying to do a good job on the Lemons. Don’t get me wrong it still felt like I was dreaming, like it wasn’t quite normal land but it felt really good.

I can’t really capture all here what happened cause you had to be there and its the small things significant to me that wouldn’t make sense to most, you know…the little detail that I get stuck on as big.

Writing here is never gonna pull it off, its in my heart forever. Yes there were a thousand moments that I’ll never forget, examples:
Arriving at the same time as Del (my cuppa tea buddy and lully man) and heading in backstage, the dressing room, my Lee hug and handshake chat (lully man), the sound check moments with silly grin on my face watching on, wondering on and of stage freely, learning the secret code to the backstage door…..hit it n shout “Open the door you ****” apparently, Lofty chatting about how I have my mic stand (he is a lully man and remembers detail), the pizza, Johnny chat, john n Terry chats, tea, coffee, beer, the gig, ringing a friend to hear the song, my lully welcome on stage, the lovely heckle of “fair play brother”, doing the song, the dressing room, finishing off the last two beers off the Blockhead rider with Chaz, meeting the crowd after, including Reasons crowd (lully), the nearly at Minhead gig text and then going home with me Basher both of us wiv silly grins on, hitting the sack and dreaming it all over again!

See I told you I see detail that won’t matter to anyone else and would probably pass most buy, but it was important to me. The Blockheads are a stunning band and just as important as that they are lovely lovely fellas. Thank you Blockheads……ok enough of the sentimentals……..let’s do…………

Top of the Pops sausages xx

  1. May 2, 2012 at 22:24

    Just nice to read about it! XX

  2. May 3, 2012 at 14:01

    Bring the Blockheads to Merton & Here’s to the fight for Freedom, Independence and Rights for disabled people

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