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Yep, its been a long time. Thats been more to do with loads on and not being sure about how to right about it or I’m still trying to unpack it in my head! Thats what I kinda do, cause life seems to be flying by s fast, is that a sign of age?

So sound bites would include before Christmas singing with the lully Blockheads, my playlab with Graeae, Reasons mash up at The Clore Ballroom QEH, then heading to Co. Down for Christmas. Whilst out there I got a proposal in to do a little music writing for a project with drake music, and the good news is I was successfully accepted, so as I write this, writing a new tune is heavy on my mind.

Since getting back I’ve been covering the chair of MertonCIL and our lully manager as gone on maternity leave (just given birth to a lovely baby boy, hooray), so thats keeping any non work free time full! Done a few little gigs and the above picture comes from last weeks lully corporate bash with Reasons at Cargos in London.

I’ve delivered a fair bit of Disability Equality Training including with a really exciting project Unfinished Histories who are documenting and exhibiting alternative theatre from 1968 to 88. The interviews are with originators of a number of company’s including Nabil Shaban and Graeae. The exhibition will tour sometime in late summer and the website is a really useful resource of alternative Theatre, so I’m really pleased to be a part of this exciting project. It is this Disability Equality Session that has motivated me to write this blog, let me explain:

1966 to 88 was a key time in disability discourse, The independent Living movement, The Social model re-defining disability, disabled people becoming politicised, becoming activists (including myself) and catalysts for change toward independence and freedom, Ian Dury ( of course!), Graeae and disabled people led movements and the fight towards legislation to recognise disability as discrimination and an issue of rights and not a medical one! So big times.

I’ve wanted to write fir ages about the current discourse around disability, cut backs, benefit changes, attacks on independent living and its all so big its been a block to me writing about it. mainly because it goes so much against all I believe in and in particular how I see disability being portrayed. lots of people feel we are going back 30 years, which is an irony after the paras seemed to take us so much further forward in peoples attitudes.

Theres been some scary programmes about work (panorama) and this week about benefit changes (dispatches) all made me feel really uncomfortable about the issues being covered but even more by the underlying attitudes that are creating assumptions about value and worth and missing the point that disabled people are active contributors, proud, striving for independence and equality and the right to live an active life.

That message is very different from the scrounging, cheating, draining, costly, justifying what your unable to do or need type stuff that just chokes my writing because it aint what I am or do, portrayed or in the under current of discussion. Lol i can feel my grammar clam up as I try to get it out!

Lets put t this way, today I really feel my only response is to gig more ad get Reasons on a stage soon cause thats where we need to be at, proud, loud, a bit naughty here and there, included, anarchic, sexy and fun! But i understand many of my brothers and sisters in this fight (disabled and non-disabled) don’t feel this in the current discourse, more the reason why we need to!

This week a new campaign I’m involved in got some coverage in The guardian…watch out #BecauseWeAreWorthIt. Trying to raise awareness of the impact that loosing the ILF will have on many disabled people. This debate is not one about benefits, the ILF is money to pay for direct support to live independent lives. So the money goes to the person to control but is spent on the support required to employ and pay our PAs or support workers. Esther Mcvey is our minister and yet so far I haven’t heard her once come from our perspective, get out!

So the accumulative effect of current discourse as meant on blogosphere I’m keeping my head down, getting on with the fight, and not sure how to write stuff for fear i become angry about it all, such a wasted energy when we’ve got so many lovey things we could all be doing together. Still I’m up for it and will continue to try and explain myself blogging here and there, possibly under sedation!

Lets ave it sausages xx

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  1. February 28, 2013 at 16:05

    welcome back. good to read your enthusiasm. it chimes with mine.

    • February 28, 2013 at 16:07

      Cheers, i’ll ave a read with a pint when I’ve finished work xx

  2. February 28, 2013 at 16:06

    U `AVE IT Mi-Un-Sweeten’d Sausage! You Have It… Xx

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