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Down Rio Way

Well it seems Reasons lives on! I am writing this blog at around 30,000 feet heading towards Brazil where we are taking a little bita Dury charm n swagger to share with the lovely people of Rio, and probably other nations too as its all a bit of an international love-in to continue the ole olympic n Paralympic ding dong moving from Stratford to ere!

I cant actually believe I’m doing this, even me spell checker doesn’t believe it as it is trying to change the destination of me next gig from Rio to Bio, wherever that is.

As acdc once said sausages…its a long way to the top if ya wanna rock n roll… as Ian Dury says…Dance Little Rude Boy! I am totally humbled and excited to be singing in Rio, thanks to MertonCIL, Go4M, the Daisy Festival Team and me girlfriend for letting me out of the country and to BA and The Graeae gang for getting me outa the country! Very excited up ere I am!

Lets Ave It #ReasonsinRio stylie sausages!

  1. robinmurrayneill
    April 20, 2013 at 11:58

    Dear John, brilliant news! Shame you’re over there as the sun is out here at last! Just think what you’re missing! Sounds like a real adventure already, and to think it was a year ago you were headlining in Gillingham! Have a great time and very best wishes to all the Riosons crowd. Love from Norfolk, Chrissy and Robin XXXX
    07747 536067
    – independent advice, support and training

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