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Day three..gig time down Rio Way

It was always going to be a long hard day, but the lovely smiling faces, beautiful sights and a few beers the night before….and a good sleep of course, meant i was right up for it. The venue is a cultural arts centre type place semi inside semi outside so the view from my mic is probably one of the most amazing I’ll ever have.

Oooh its hot, is probably the saying of the day, and after a three hour run through, I’m not gunna lie, my joints were right swollen up n a bit sore. We had a break, then another run, which finished me right off.

The organisers of the festival are just lovely, and bending over backwards to ensure our needs are being met so we had rooms to lay in, sit in, eat in…and anything else you’d like in! So green room and bags of ice were the order of our few hours off. I did feel a bit on the wonk for a while but the rest worked is magic and it was soon time for the cherry reds to pop out the bag.

Our show runs at about an hour, part gig, part play n lotsa a sweat! It was full on and although the crowd seemed a mile away from the stage, slowly they ‘ad it and by the end were right up on us and bopping the same as ‘ackney, Nottingham or anywhere else we’ve taken this dream job too. The band & gang rocked ’em. I feel theres a little room to raise it a bit more but all in all it was a beautiful game as they say.

A few autographs later, apparently one lad recognised me off his Brazilian telly, which was a bit weird!? Scorchio! Back in the taxi (not alone) the drivers are very excited to point out the huge football stadiums tat we pass. From my view i just see the tops of these huge flying saucer like buildings. Rhinestone Cowboy was song of the moment on our return.

The bars in Lapa district are kicking, access is a bit ropey here and there but do-able with a bita force and with a cod one at the end of the journey its all worth the effort.

Daisy Fest not to far away now! Gigs Rio to Leatherhead is definitely rock n roll…..in a way?!

Abrigado Sausages!

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