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Up on the Roof

Todays blog is a mish mash of events, a bit like Rio’s architecture which is stunning and shabbily beautiful, Extremes of wealth and poverty living right on top of each other. Our taxi driver indicated this notion by joining two fingers together saying it was a happy co existing side by side with no pretence but I’m not so sure about that, we experience, like anywhere in the world, a darker moment that shouldn’t ever happen to anyone, but it does… still we are stronger for having each other and we carry on stronger together to carry on finding and giving Reasons To Be Cheerful!

We got called early to soundcheck for gig two so we could sort out a couple of teccy issues, after sound check song of choice yesterday being Bob Marleys Stir It Up, today was a straight Blockheads swipe with Spasticus, Blockheads n Hit Me. sound check done, Shenanigans time to get into the right frame of mind.

The audiences have been a surprising mix of ages and once they are over the shock/fear of me sitting next to em screaming “rubbish n boo”, i see the foot tapping, then the hands going and before ya know it our gang has jumped off the stage and is pulling em up to ave a little blue jean bop. Encores all round and even some of the audience get passed the dancing security to join us onstage. It was just beautiful, and gratefully in the heat of it allI capture a brief moment in the anarchy to realise the gig in my heart is for Mr Dury, my folks, loved ones, friends and my beloved Lisa who is hopefully aving a blue jean bop with us up there in the stars xx

Party time was indeed a great party time, the bar owner was indeed happy to host us and it did indeed get messy from what i recall. all though to be honest this little Cockney paddy of yours wasn’t as wild as is sometimes known, on account of being jiggered from doing two gigs and giving it some right marge!

Day off and it was up the hill to see big Jesus! Just lost for words amazing. See the piccys when I get em up!

Last visit is off to Iponema for a little dance rude boy …i need to hear some decent Samba before heading home. That will be once Ginger gets off Mo Farrahs jogging machine n Daves finished his Ruth Rendall!

Apologise for grammaticals n typos this blogs being done on the roof n hoof!

I’ll probably get one more blog in and then its no stopping or resting, its all thoughts Leatherhead next, who’s up for Daisy fest sausages?

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