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From the Royal Courts of Justice to the House Of Commons, Rockinpaddy plays on through it all!

I’m guessing most of you know that I’ve been active in the #SaveTheILF campaign and you may also know if you’ve been watching the news, that we surprisingly won our case against the government. I really will right it all up soon, but I seem to be bouncing like a pinball in a wizard stylie machine from one event to another at the moment and each is major or at least not something I can relax about.


As the headline suggests, even with all the political shenanigans going on, the band plays on and indeed has grown in number in the last few gigs, so welcome to Tom, Paula, Antonis, Simon & Helen who all join that illustrious band of fighters n lovers that is Rockinpaddy.

photo in forehead size order (apparently).

The main purpose of this quickie is to say, me weekend was rocked a bit with a bita bad news and so the last few days have been hard, i didn’t even get to my beloved Blockheads Album Launch (Good luck lads xx buy the album sausages and get bopping). Today, I am getting back to our winning ways and we grow stronger from the struggles we face.

So as you do, I’m going down to the ‘ole ‘ouse of commons to an event to generate further awareness and continue the momentum amongst MPs that Independent Living is a critical basic human right & that schemes like ILF are critical and need to be developed further by engaging with Disabled People at the helm of our destinies. Also that these opportunities need to be extended so more disabled people have the right to an independent life, autonomous and like any other person, with equality of opportunity. The court case and justice was won on 6th November, my Right Hon Ministers, but it is clear from your rather quiet mumbles since, that the battle certainly goes on……and so…..so do we!

At just after 4pm, today I read the following out in the House of Commons:
This poem was put forward by Stuart Bracking, one of the ILF claimants who cannot be with us today.

Stuart says “this poem by Simon Brisenden is about the demonstration on 28 July 1988 which was organised after the decision to set-up the ILF as a discretionary trust was made. This was the demonstration where the slogan ‘Rights Not Charity’ appeared for the first time, and where there was a sit-down protest with about 150 people.

I have added a fourth verse completely honoured, humbled and proud to celebrate and reflect the relevance of Simons poem today.
The Battle for the Elephant and Castle
By Simon Brisenden

We were sisters and brothers
and a whole bunch of others
not to mention a long line of blue
we were disabled, united
and completely incited
by an anger we knew to be true
we were 2000 strong
and half a mile long
as we marched to the Elephant and Castle

with no sight or hearing
a kaleidoscope careering
filling the sky with our voices
we marched down the street
to tell the elite
we demand a world with new choices
we had in our sights
a blow for our rights
as we marched to the Elephant and Castle

we were at the beginning
of a new way of winning
together we could not be denied
so we strolled up and down
in old London town
wearing our badges with pride
we fought the law
and we’ll fight it some more
at every other Elephant and Castle

Still here today
Still battling to say
We are fighting for those same rights and choices
To the highest held court
We won so we thought
The pride could be heard in our voices
We continue so strong
The battle goes on
As we march to the Elephant and Castle

By Simon Brisenden
** verse added for House of Commons Event on 26 November 2013 by John Kelly

Need to keep in balance me fighting wiv me loving sausages xx

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  1. November 27, 2013 at 10:22

    good to see a simon brisenden poem and congrats on the win and the verse

    • November 27, 2013 at 11:55

      Thanks Rich, definately a big of a moment. X

  1. October 4, 2014 at 17:17

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