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Day 4: Selection of sticks

20140105-122628 am.jpg

Today was a day for getting organised for a variety of projects heading my way. In starting to get organised ready for proper kick off on Monday, the acknowledgement that sticks play an important role in my life dawned on me as i went through itinerary matters . Not going to over play sticks, although in fairness writing a blog about them probably already over steps that mark. In defence, if we are all honest, I feel you can’t beat a good stick.

The best sticks find themselves a unique number of roles (they do more than one thing and they do it well) of which they are perfect for in carrying out that specific task and they mostly were never intended originally for the task that they are now so perfect for. They are often just found, discovered or gifted to me so carry there own little story……hhmm yep I’ve over stated the whole stick thing on this blog. I’ll get my coat sausages.

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