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Day 299: #SaveILF back in court

Written whilst listening in Court Room 28:

“All Rise”

They have the thickest books
Biggest if files
And they sit in their suits
I wonder who helped them get it on, how long it took.
Reckon they didn’t think that time is a cost in my Independent Living Plans
And they talk about my life
They don’t even know who I am
The pages and the words in those big books are meant to be about me.
Then they say
“All rise”

As we walked into the room
Big double doors
They walk through
No eye contact or inch of human feeling
Are they scared or guilty
I smile.
“All rise”
Yes will

Thanks to everyone for coming/supporting/everything…keep tweeting & posting #SaveILF

Piccy to come sausages!

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  1. Robin
    October 23, 2014 at 10:22

    Hoping for the best, John. Sorry not able to come to the vigil. All our Love, Chrissy and Robin XXXX

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