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Day 300: Tea, day 2 in Court & Cake

The perfect combination, just need the rock n roll and I’m made!

IMG_3587Second day in court. Its been a massively important day and our case has lasted longer than any one thought. I guess it proves, together we are stronger! I was in court for all 4 sessions so have heard all apart from the first part which was held in privacy and was related to a confidentiality matter.

The case is complex and the judge is giving both sides the opportunity to submit any supporting papers as part of evidence discussed in last few days, then she will go away and consider her decision.  the case is finely balanced and today we honestly don’t know which way it will go.  It is likely the judge will make some decisions in the context of the law tomorrow (Friday..ruling on un-controversial parts etc), but we will not know these or the full outcome until she makes her full decision which includes the more controversial aspects of the case. We don’t know exactly when this will be but possibly 3 to 4 weeks, maybe longer.  The judge did say she understood the importance to us which is why she both wanted to carefully consider it all whilst making that decision as quick as soon as she could.

Today’s blog is just to say the fight goes on, we all know the legal battle is only one part of this campaign, its critical, but of itself it won’t save the ILF.  It can quash decisions if not made legally and for now that’s our legal position.  There is alsos the political, social, media levels to be fought and hopefully won.

In tomorrows blog (Friday, day 301, bundle 6, tab 3, paragraph 4) I’ll try and reflect on the detail as I see it.  There will be other reports and blogs that will shed  better light on the case, better than I, but I’ll try my best to highlight the mountains of information and understanding that Ive learnt in these past few days.

At lunchtime Ellen comes over to me “John, we have to go outside, someones brought tea and cake for us!”.  Areep from Kings College Vice President of the Student Union, just along the road from the High Courts had been following the #SaveILF hashtag and the union wanted to come and show solidarity by giving us tea n cake! This is only one example of all the brilliant support this campaign is getting.


On a personal level, I’m once again overwhelmed by the love and support given, you all know who you are.  Thank you xx

I’m knackered and in a bit of agony from not much sleep and all the going over long hours in me leccy, but hey ho, its a right laugh all this sausages!

  1. Soph
    October 24, 2014 at 18:04

    🙂 x Soph x

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