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Day 313: Not sure if it’s good or bad news/could go either way news

These photos are Door man action and not the focus of the good news/bad news theme. However I guess they are good news, Hooray!



Its a busy day ere, no electric chair…good news: engineer came in early (along with door man & pick up printer man – as I said busy day). It all breaks down into 3 catagories: good news, bad news & not sure if it’s good or bad/could go either way news.

Not so sure if it’s good or bad news news: this is 3rd set of batteries + had a new charger on previous visit and he now thinks it might be controller (which obviously he hasn’t got in van and will take another visit!!! to get so could be bad news for next week or so):

Definite bad news: new batteries need 12 hour charge so stuck in the house for the rest of today.

However further good news:  I should be out for last orders !

However further not so sure if its bad news: batteries may still only last half a day if its not a battery problem.

Bad news: I’m in doors for the next 12 hours and all I can think of are jobs I need to go out for! lol mind plays cruel tricks when you know you cant do something

Good news: As a result of being in all morning my house is clean and tidy (twice over!) and I can post a fairly lengthy status and write a lot!!

Good news: I’m a glass is always pretty full type person so hoping that the “not sure if it’s good or bad/could go either way news” news will be good news?

Other news: No news on the #SaveILF judgement, but not really expecting anything for another week or three.  No news is good news?

Happy Birthday Vicky xx Thank you for always being there xx


Vicky is one of my brilliant PA’s, & another reason why I continue to fight to #saveILF. She has been with me for 15 years and deserves so much more than I can pay her, or any of my other brilliant PA’s.  Without ILF its going to be a fight to ensure hours/pay/job stays the same, and I will fight to protect these brilliant peoples jobs.  It’s not just my life I’m fighting for, it’s my brilliant PA’s jobs and their lives too.  Oops went off on one there sausages, Happy birthday Vicky!!

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  1. November 6, 2014 at 12:52

    Hope it’s all sorted soon. Your PAs sound fantastic! xx

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