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Day 320: Engineer and no laptop?

A paid days work lost for an engineer without laptop but with a controller not required for the problem as I was told yesterday. After a bit of probing apparently it might be the motors, which is what I suggested it might be after the battery change two months ago.

After a few calls I found it interesting that the manager i need to complain to is the same manager i needed to complain to at Serco last year…but they lost their contract, everything should get better with AJM providing a better deal? But hold on, change the name of the company but keep the management, no one will know, we can transfer staff (loosing any skilled engineers along the way) without transferring the gear (so send the engineers out in empty vans with no spares) and keep the same poor practice and service expectations) without improving the service, great idea!

I hear LB of Merton on Friday adde some fairly critical supplementary items to the cabinet agenda for Monday related to Adult social care cuts, as well as the selling of a prime adult ed resource, clever eh! And if we were there talking about the decision on what to do about ILF (incidentally postponed for now, after all June is yonks away?), as we were meant to be, we might have asked a question or two??

No piccy sausages , just fumes. I need to smell a flower or stroke a snuggley little rabbit quickly to calm it down n hopefully find the lover in me! Xx

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  1. November 13, 2014 at 14:31

    Don’t blame you for fuming. I would be too. There is sometimes too much insanity in this life. Really hope things get sorted out soon. Sending you several virtual bunnies to huggle. xx

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