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Day 346: Post case dismissed.

I wanted to call this blog: Meat products and footwear is what you need in times of crisis! Thanks to Helen for that headline & my lovely mum for trying to make everything better by posting shoes, white pudding, sausages, bacon & #MrsBrownsBoys over from Ireland.


Overwhelmed by the love & support, thank you. TBH feels like I’ve been hit by a bus.

Two stories showing why we know Local Authorities will struggle long term to cope with the closure of the ILF:


I added this to the comments:

Hi, Thanks for covering this story.

Of course I am really grateful to LB Merton that they are committed to supporting us and this battle to Save The ILF has been about preventing an “Independent Living postcode lottery” nationally. It is already clear that Local Authorities are all responding in different ways as to how they will manage the transfer…so far…Scotland looks very inviting!

It is also important to clarify that Independent Living and the ILF is not just focused on care but a much broader idea of independence, which is only mentioned in guidance notes (we had to fight for that too) in the Care Act coming in 2015 which will be the legal responsibility of the LA.

As a model of choice & control the ILF works very differently to how local authorities work and the closure is in clear danger of narrowing that choice, control & right to live independently.

Finally to write to us in January is already much to late in the process. If I go on a tour as a musician it takes 9 months to a year to plan in terms of managing my support at home and with any Access to Work application (incidentally also under threat of changes), so already this decision has impacted on decisions I’m making around work post June 2015 as we don’t know whats happening and how secure I will be at that time to manage my own life.

Not knowing what will be in place & knowing if it will work is unbearable. This has to be seen in the context that I have managed a working system alongside my direct payments from my LA to meet my assessed care needs. Far from closing the ILF we have argued it should be a model expanded and broadened to a wider group of people with need for support to live independent lives.

These changes are not in isolation, but there is also an accumulative impact on other cuts and changes happening to both disabled & non disabled people.

http://www.wimbledonguardian.co.uk/news/11656517.Cabinet_approves__life_changing__cuts_across_public_services_in_Merton/ (irony of DisabledGo banner behind him)!

Oh my lovely sausages, what next!


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