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Day 370: Last post of 2014!

Yes I did it, a post a day for the whole year! Admittedly there are 370 days in my year but I needed a few extra days per week to fit everything in. It’s been a brilliant year really, another successful UK tour, Gigs all over including a great trip to Germany, Daisy Fest, over to Ireland and of course locally. I’ve been fortunate to have had great media coverage, nationally, internationally in press, on tv, web (thanks Sammy S) and radio.  I’ve worked with some great organisations: Orpheus, Drake Music, Daisy, MertonCIL,  Go4M, Inclusion London, DPAC, Transport for All, New Wolsey Theatre, The Blockheads, Birmingham Rep, Yorkshire Playhouse, Nottingham Playhouse, Epsom Phab, London Symphony Orchestra, UK Youth, Lifetrain, Goldsmiths & of course Graeae to name just a few.

Its no lie to say the last month of the year has been very hard with the loss of our High Court case to protect our ability to live independent lives with the support of The Independent Living Fund.  Time and options are running out and the legal route is now a very narrow option and a bit last ditch as it will only occur as changes happen.

Its a hard lesson to realise even when we fight for laws to protect us, they can easily fail and not protect us at all.  Only made worse by a government & ALL main party’s knowing the closure of the ILF is likely to have a detrimental impact, they are ALL standing aside and letting it happen. Well, we fight on stronger in the knowledge that what we are fighting for a just reason (remember we did win in court too), not just for a few individuals but for future young disabled people who should have a right to live independent lives able to reach their full potential. If its about economic sense, then the figures don’t take much working out, an average/person of £360/week ILF (plus being able to work, contribute, employ others, who also pay taxes etc etc) against a carehome bill of -£2000/week, %3 administration v %16 administration bring it on.  This is about Human Rights my friends, the declaration signed by the UK says so, unfortunately our government haven’t enshrined them in UK law so we haven’t got a legal leg here, but there is a fight to stand for and it starts on January 6th in the Houses of Parliament, see you there.

The best bit of the year is in the hardest part, family & friends support and love has given me so much strength, I’m very lucky to have half of it.  Love ya sausages. Thank you

Back to my first post, that green globule?


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  1. robinmurrayneill
    December 31, 2014 at 16:13

    Congratulations John, I never doubted you’d achieve it for a moment. I’ve felt quite helpless in the face of the establishment bulldozer that has threatened to squash your optimism (not to mention threatening to take away your independence). Circumstances haven’t allowed for much activism and my letters to MPs and other cosy armchair and keyboard activities have hardly changed the world!! However, I’ve got a feeling that, even taking account of all the good stuff above (and there’s a lot of it!!) 2015 is going to top the lot. So here’s to the New Year, hoping you resolve to carry on your daily posts (including the ones for those hidden days that you’ve managed to find but that elude the rest of us). Let’s see what we can all make of it, might just be happy and good!! XXXX

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