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#30JuneILFcloses : 30 days till closure

1995 I start on ILF, mum beating cancer, I need independence to be there to support her, she beats it!


The ILF is about all the people around me, my loved ones, family, friends, colleagues. Thanks mum (and dad of course) for sharing your amazing strength and belief.  Thank you ILF for enabling me to have a loving relationship with my parents.  They can be there for me, I can be there for them…

Thats Independent Living.

Still no concrete news of what will take the Independent Living Funds place!

Please do share link or #Retweet or fb share #30JuneILFcloses blogs if ya fancy, ta sausages xx

Please do sign the petition if you feel strongly about this, your signature does make the difference: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/defend-disabled-people-s-right-to-independent-living


  1. June 1, 2015 at 18:32

    Dear John, well, no one could have done, said, or sung!, more than you and your colleagues to try and raise the profile and get some sort of informed and enlightened discussion on this retrograde decision: those with the power to change things simply have not been prepared to listen, and just parroted the party-line. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Friday in Ipswich. Anything we can do, John, just ask. Love Chrissy and Robin XXXX

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