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#30JuneILFcloses: 20 days till closure

#30JuneILFcloses Today is a long blog, sorry sausages. The picture has nothing to do with my writing today other than ILF gives me the freedom to enjoy life. Happy, care free times back home in Ireland.



I’m trying to work and put ILF back in perspective to the rest of my life. The ilf is a tool to support me to get on with doing stuff!  Its hard not to talk about it when people want to talk and I’m blogging and talking about it every day. We spent the whole day yesterday preparing, then meeting at Portcullis house, which was pretty productive. then more meetings and prep tomorrow. So fundamental seems to be a good description of what ILF is and does in my explorations each day.  #SaveILF

I’m also struggling with a few dilemmas (maybe others are too)  lots of interviews have moves focus from the national debate on Independent Living to what the local authority response is to it.  I guess its natural but my dilemma is the National debate is still very much alive and our main focus has to be proper power and law to protect us to the right of Independent Living. It’s really hard to openly criticise my local authority in the press etc when I am working directly (or trying) with them and the fact that they will have control over all my support (with the exception of  access to work). So I want to have a healthy critical relationship with them, so it feels uncomfortable to me to put all my washing out on the public line, I need to share things in different ways, with different people, if that makes sense.

I also want to say to friends and colleagues, I am ok, tired, but ok and thank you for showing concern and the love you give to me.  I feel the need to flag something up, hopefully to put your minds at rest. When we get to 30 June or more critically 1 July, nothing will suddenly happen to me, I won’t drop off and disappear, it won’t be the end. This type of discrimination & oppression (that’s what I believe this is) takes time to manifest, and as I’ve said I might end up being ok, the not knowing is the wrong bit of this when we didn’t need to go there. However the slow incremental change, chipping away at our independence will have an impact, it already has, we have proved that the closure has created uncertainty, ambiguity, mis-understanding and a post-code lottery for us as disabled people.  Generally local authorities are communicating late, not knowing what to do, what Independent Living means in relation to the Transfer.

Long blog sorry sausages.  The picture has nothing to do with my writing today other than ILF gives me the freedom to enjoy life.  Happy, care free times back home in Ireland.

Thats Independent Living – The right to make decisions over what is important to you; Choice; Control; Equality; A Human Right; Autonomy; Having true Quality of Life;

Please do share link or #Retweet or fb share #30JuneILFcloses blogs if ya fancy, ta sausages xx

Please do sign the petition if you feel strongly about this, your signature does make the difference: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/defend-disabled-people-s-right-to-independent-living

  1. Soph
    June 11, 2015 at 17:33

    Just for you…Don’t cry!  Haven’t really got just 1 eye & leg (see attached)…Taken by Mum of me, sisters, bro’, Dad, Aunty & cousin – me & my Dad looking grumpy! Soph x

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