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#30JuneILFcloses: 4 days till closure

#30JuneILFcloses: Off to my beloved youth club. Today we are playing Boccia an inclusive sport to try out and enjoy. As i write the competitive atmosphere is palpable. The ILF has given me opportunities to try out new experiences not knowing where they might lead. 

Fighting to save Independent Living is not just about us here and now but the future. The government is obsessed with a social care system to deal with an ageing population. We don’t want that, we know one glove doesn’t fit all and actually we want to live!  

Young disabled people once again get given a raw deal and are expected to accept the life perhaps more suited to retirement. The needs of young and older people are very different and deserve equality and respect. Each will aspire, have dreams and expectations. That’s what Independent Living is, it’s  not (or shouldn’t be) worrying about who will put my socks on, or feed me or whatever. Those basics should be within my control as it is equally with anybody else. 

Yes it needs resource but critically those resources aren’t waisted in beraucracy or a whim of a banker to make profit. They help us live very ordinary lives so we can participate and play a part in our society. Rise up young people Independent Living is your Human Right. As a world we have agreed that so now we must fight for it! Idealistic? Yes, surely that’s what we need to aim for, even if at the moment we are a million miles away. 

I might have a game of Boccia whilst I’m at it sausages.  

Thats Independent Living – The right to make decisions over what is important to you; Choice; Control; Equality; A Human Right; Autonomy; Having true Quality of Life;
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Please do sign the petition if you feel strongly about this, your signature does make the difference: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/defend-disabled-people-s-right-to-independent-living

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