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Step over the edge and trust?

Tomorrow is a day I’ve been dreading and fighting against for the last five or so years. Finally, I have my assessment which will see my Local Authority begin to take more (all?) control over my Independent Living package.
The dread and fight actually is nothing against my LA, but the way nationaly my rights, choice and control have been slowly eroded against something that has worked, kept me safe, happy and…living it full!…No news headlines in yer papers, I won’t be on the news or have the media at my door, just a slow taking away and invasion on how I should live and justify my needs in order to live a life, participating, working etc. I need to place trust in my LA and will of course work with them, highlighting my objection firstand then my concerns fears and hesitence to let go if it goes wrong, I’m being asked to risk the way I live. I’ll have to trust that they honestly will deliver that “everything will be ok….and in fairness…It might be…..not knowing is another sick action of what this and previous governments are/have let happen.
I have to trust I’ll be ok even in the face of evidence of year on year cuts to Adult social care; them never having had experience of supporting people with high needs to live independent lives (why the ilf existed, LAs couldn’t…can they now?); and of course with no ringfencing of money to support those with the highest needs live an independent life!
And of course trust in not knowig how I am dealing with a major loss of two people key to my life in giving me belief in myself and the confidence to trust in my own experience, values & beliefs, my compass check that I’m going the right way.
I can trust to an extent because I’m lucky..lucky of having the amazing family, friends and colleagues I have around me who will fight on alongside me and the fact we Disabled People are resliant and strong in the face of it! #WeFightOn #BecauseWeAreWorthIt #SaveIL #DropTheFButHopeYouDontDropOurRightToLiveTheLivesWeChoose
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  1. May 20, 2016 at 09:30

    Thinking of you very much. Please post how this turns out. xxx

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