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Sophie Partridge xx

I haven’t known what to write. There’s a very big bit of me that it hasn’t all sunk in. My drafts n words don’t even touch the surface of all the things I want to tell the world about how important Sophie Partridge was to us all…and me. 
I’ve kept busy cause that’s what I do. I surround myself with lovely people and be creative, do stuff and I feel blessed/lucky as a result. Since last week Soph has made me realise we always need to do that, bring lovely friends together and be close to each other and be happy, life is brutally short. 
I’ve seen so many beautiful and true things written or posted about Soph by all who would equally as I rightfully say they were close to Soph. That’s because that was the reality of Sophie. she had so many close friends because that’s what she did…made you feel close..important…happy…joyous..listened to..loved….cared for…special and I will miss that feeling, I already do. I already miss the security of Soph not being around to check out with. [note: Soph would hate n poke me for using special or care in describing her but I mean both words in there truest meaning here,…. plus me n Soph could be naughty with the crap words used around us and have a little fun/giggle wiv em], so deal wiv it xx. 
I guess simply it could be explained as true friendship and love that I always felt around Sophie a friendship and love I I feel I’d fail to give back as well as Soph ever gave to us all. I saw her do all this in awe of her at work and at home with our tea n hula hoops or any of the times we spent which now I know we’re always to short. 
 She would be there, to chat too, to have a laugh with, to do world changing things with, to have a cuppa with. She had that way about her that was the way to really listen, make sense of stuff, cut through the bullshit and say the right thing, the thing that needed to be said. If it needed to be fought for because it was right then she was there, stronger than any. 
Then if you complimented her on any of it she’d dismiss it in that kind of ‘Sophie way’……”Yeh….i don’t know..I don’t know really…yeh…lets have tea/tinkle time”  
I’ve felt close to Soph on many times and felt all that stuff above everytime, but one time that mattered was when she asked me to help with writing/exploring music for Semmersuaq. It was during the time the ilf battle was going on (another time Soph was at her strongest, fighting). There’s loads I’d want to say about this time but my words aren’t really expressing it all. It was everything. It was time, ime with Sophie, being creative, making music, tea, hula hoops, being at home, being filmed, then private then panicking I hadnt captured stuff well enough for what Soph desreved. 
It was just a flavour of what we had hoped to do with that lovely show Soph had created. I’m gutted we can’t carry that and many of the journeys we had planned on. Your drum, everything……
I came to Carlow for work the night after Soph passed, rang close friends to speak the best I could. Coming here felt right. It was beautiful, creative and the work all about peoples value…in fact the show was #whatamiworth..which took me straight to Soph, it was the right thing to do. The show reminded me of when me n Soph discussed and helped creat #BecauseWe_R_WorthIt as a retort to the Tories closing the ilf. 
We all know what Soph is and always will be worth and I’ll miss you. Sorry I’ve been so crap at expressing it. 
Love you 
Mijohn always xx

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