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#LittleDorrit on BBC Radio 4

So, tomorrow, Sunday 30th December(& indeed next Sunday), I will be playing Mr Dorrit & the voice of Charles Dickens on yer radiogram.

Probably the only time I’ll ever be saying that one as a status!

Tune yer radiogram in at 3pm, BBC radio 4 with the brilliant Pickles Norman Liz Carr Jude Mahon Autumn Red Bonham-Cox Vikki Gee Jenny Sealey Narinder Samra Eloise Whitmore John Merriman recorded at the brilliant @CrownLaneStudios

It was a brilliant experience, I am grateful to have learnt loads & I really hope you enjoy it sausages. Let variety be the spice of life indeed!

The story set then is the story now. Yep happening now, political ….fighting injustice, poverty, accessible affordable housing, the crisis that is social housing, oppression, austerity, cuts, cuts & on it goes.

When will the quietest of our voices be not only heard, but valued and acted upon. Very Proud to be a small part of this piece and yet my heart screams more loudly, listen to the horrific experiences of those needing social housing & an end to poverty/oppression in Merton/London/all over the UK and we still wait and will never forget the need for #Justice4Grenfell


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  1. December 30, 2018 at 10:41

    might check it on catch up. all glories to JK and the gang

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