Day 211: guitar guitar

And I didn’t even buy one.
20140728-114517 am-42317852.jpg

20140728-114516 am-42316977.jpg

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Day 210: more logic n relax

Reflecting back on a lully weekend really.

20140727-094934 pm-78574558.jpg

20140727-094934 pm-78574954.jpg

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Day 209: logic n london

20140726-065313 pm-67993422.jpg

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Day 208: teccy day

20140725-104357 pm-81837089.jpg

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Day 207: This is not how to behave at a quiz.

To save a hospital that one of the team did not declare an interest in. And we came third so didn’t win the prize of the hospital.

20140725-010548 pm-47148307.jpg

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Day 206: Remote problem

No, this is not a blog on exclusion or loneliness. It’s a subject causing stress and frustration all over the gaff! See this scientific picture to highlight the problem:

Remote control

Push button = wonky remote

Many friends have suggested bolting and sticking various sticky things to it…but that’s my point…you shouldn’t have to!  Its like buying a bottle of water with a whole in the bottom, you wouldn’t put a sticking plaster over it…no…you’d take it back.

Facetubetwitterbook conversation

A conversation on facetubetwitterbook

I’ve decided not to take my remote back, rather Ive just moaned about it here and on facetubetwitterbook. Fight back against wonky remotes sausages!

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Day 205: blogging a blog

if I blog about a comment on my blog is it like googling google and the interweb implodes in a vortex of blogness never to be read until somewhere in the past?

Anyway, thanks Robin and love to Chrissy x

And a lovely eve in me garden too!


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