Day 206: Remote problem

No, this is not a blog on exclusion or loneliness. It’s a subject causing stress and frustration all over the gaff! See this scientific picture to highlight the problem:

Remote control

Push button = wonky remote

Many friends have suggested bolting and sticking various sticky things to it…but that’s my point…you shouldn’t have to!  Its like buying a bottle of water with a whole in the bottom, you wouldn’t put a sticking plaster over it…no…you’d take it back.

Facetubetwitterbook conversation

A conversation on facetubetwitterbook

I’ve decided not to take my remote back, rather Ive just moaned about it here and on facetubetwitterbook. Fight back against wonky remotes sausages!

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Day 205: blogging a blog

if I blog about a comment on my blog is it like googling google and the interweb implodes in a vortex of blogness never to be read until somewhere in the past?

Anyway, thanks Robin and love to Chrissy x

And a lovely eve in me garden too!


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Day 204: Award!?

July 22, 2014 3 comments

It all started here with a text from me ole mate Stephey C:


Then I went to Facebook to find Threepenny had won five awards! ‘n amongst the very much deserved other awards, I get “best male supporting actor”……speechless! Thank you Backstage Pass Award Peoples, truly honoured by it and for obvious reasons…I can’t quite believe it…thank you sausages, I feel very lucky to be working with such talented people xx

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Day 203: catch up wiv cuz

And tidying up n that! I here Kerry r shaping up for the Sam!


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Day 202: always swings n roundabouts.

July 19, 2014 1 comment

20140719-032956 pm-55796504.jpg

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Day 201: Traktor mapping.

20140719-032904 pm-55744875.jpg

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Day 200: door fixed

Which is nice.

No picture. Just a door really.

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