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R2Bcheeerfuuuull: Day 66, Allo London

So here we are….flippin London Hackney Empire.

I have to be honest, I started the day mostly in the bathroom. Nervous, not cause it was London, but nervous cause I didn’t want nerves to ruin me day!A sausage sanger set me right and we walked down Hackney Road onto Mare Street and then a very long walk down to the Pire.The sun was out n Ackney waz looking very good indeed.

Saw me phizzog on the side of a wall and I guessed this must be it. This was confirmed by a few passers by who said “hey that’s that fella up thereon that poster”, first time that’s ever happened to me.

The Empires got history. Charlie C (The Chaplin that is), Mr Laural and of course Ian have all rocked this place. Even the house stage manager had gigged the Blockheads, West Endies, Jesus and the 12 apostles! So it was a big day, we did sound check which I smiled all the way through. I even had an asparagus tart for lunch, which was well more poncey than I usually ave, but flip it,I’m living the dream (I did have a sausage roll as back up…neither tart or roll got finished as I forgot, I’ve lost all ability to eat properly or sleep properly.

We are using 3/4qtrs of Status Quo’s rig in this show, the other quarters in me dressing room, so the sound rocks, big time. The theatre holds 1300 and when our lovely crowd got in, we all ‘ad it.  There’s a big rake (slope not gardening tool) on the stage which has created a few new challenges for Gaz & I at ‘Ackney.  It almost beat me tonight when I lost all position on Wake Up, flying towards the Bar Phone, luckily all the others are Pro’s n me lully Jude covered it beautifully by thrusting on the floor like it was all meant to be…..which it was of course!

Bar confusion at the end, but we still got plenty in. Fanks to me many lully friends for comin and joining the fun tonight.

bed now sausages.


  1. Robin
    March 29, 2012 at 02:00

    Dear John, and all ,it was absolutely brilliant, rake ‘n’ all! I persuaded the people I’ve worked with for the last year to come along as it was our last work meeting today…they loved it! Many thanks, again, it’s a work of art, a fabulous tribute (jacket ‘n’ all) and a rockin’ night out! It simply doesn’t get better than Reasons to be Cheerful. Love to you all, Robin XX

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